Send your secretary blog

October 6th, 2015

Send your stocking wearing secretary is a great blog, for those of us who love secretaries. Because this blog is dedicated to the sexy secretaries in your office. You know the ones. The ones who wear short skirts and flash you their panties and stockings. Most of the secretaries are wearing stockings, but some are wearing pantyhose, or just bare legs with short skirts. So there is something for every one. If like me, you love to watch the sexy office girls in stockings flashing their panties at work. This this is the blog for you. Loads of hot office up skirts. But this blog has more. It has both hardcore and softcore secretaries in both picture and movie content. Check out this great secretary blog here Or check out a couple of secretary galleries below

secretary-02.jpg    secretary-01.jpg

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October 4th, 2015

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Nurse in rubber nurses uniform fucked by a fucking machine

October 2nd, 2015

Now I need to pay a visit into the fucking machine hospital dressed up in this plastic the medical staff clothing and also a pair of nylons needless to say. Of course it’s just about all recorded just for this wonderful fucking machine web site. But before WE put on any individuals which want to be able to understand how it can be to get fucked hard, I first of all should check out this particular fucking machine. Watch me as I get shagged hard, by this kind of Anaconda fucking machine. We do not surprisingly possess the added aspect of me dressed like a health professional in rubber plus stockings. You get a great frontal view along with discovering slutty nurse Sabrina laying on my front, griping my feet & rammed from behind. The clip where I hold my own heels for getting fucked is among the hardest orgasmic pleasure I’ve ever had. visit sabrina Stockings to watch the full length movie

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Suburban amateurs nurse pulls down her panties to masturbate in her stockings.

September 30th, 2015

Suburban Amateurs is a fucking great site with loads of real exclusive women in all sorts of uniforms, maid uniforms, secretaries, nurses and much more. Often these suburban amateurs are just wearing a pair of stockings and heels. It is really just a solo site, with lots of hot suburban amateurs masturbating and using dildo’s on themselves. In this movie click taken from a full length movie on suburban amateurs, this slutty secretary masturbates at her desk with a dildo. Black stockings look hot on this British blonde milf and I loved watching this secretary fucking herself with this dildo all the time while the camera man films and talks to her. If you like mature women in nylons, heels and Stockings then you need to watch the full length movie here. You will not be disappointed!

Nuns have tits too

September 28th, 2015

I found this amusing picture and thought I would share it with you. I do love nuns and love boobs so what a combination. a nun with her boobs out, well in a bra. In the second picture we have a satanic nun, with her nipples poking through her nun type clothing. These are just a couple of amusing pictures I found, not really nun porn, but I thought I would share them with you anyway.



Lady Sonia dressed as a maid in stockings

September 26th, 2015

This is quite an unusual collection of pictures from Lady Sonia. As you probably know, Britain’s most famous wife, Lady Sonia loves to dress up and get fucked by lots of young hard studs. Lady Sonia’s site is very much about the hardcore. Lots of real hardcore fucking. But today we have a nice change. Watch Lady Sonia dressed up as a French maid in fully fashioned stockings and high heels cleaning her kitchen and dusting off the “Bolly” These are fucking great pics and I love the uniform and stocking combination as Lady Sonia bends over. Just take a look at this slutty British Milf, Lady Sonia as her huge DD breasts almost fall out of this black French Maid’s uniform. But what I like the most is the up skirt shots. Top wanking material from the nets dirties unfaithful wife, Lady Sonia.


real air hostess flashing her underwear

September 24th, 2015

I love air hostesses and love porn with air hostess uniforms. But this film is something a bit different. This is a real air hostess in the captains cabin flashing her underwear at the captain while the other air hostesses just laugh. But she doesn’t just flash her bra she even gets her tits out for them. Amazing video

Submissive Zoe from Oxford dressed as a schoolgirl for her dom daddy date

September 22nd, 2015

Ultimate Submission Dating Contact Zoe is a slut who loves to get dressed up in pantyhose and stockings and often uniforms at the same time. But Sophia also loves to dress up in various uniforms, like today, this Ultimate Submission date is dressed up as a schoolgirl with white socks. but this kinky young slut needs a Ultimate Submission date. This slave loves to suck cock, both stocking or pantyhose covered toes, or just bare toes. Watch this Ultimate Submission date posing in all her kinky clothes trying to get a dom date. Would you like to fuck this Ultimate Submission date in or out of her schoolgirl uniform? I would like both. If you want to see her Ultimate Submission dating profile or search all these kinky contacts, then join for free now at Ultimate Submission


Secretary in a very short skirt rips off her pantyhose

September 20th, 2015

Only Secretaries is a super sexy secretary site that features only the very hottest young secretaries. Like this young very hot secretary. Fucking hell this is one of the hottest secretaries I have seen. Can you imagine working in the office with a secretary like this in a skirt as short as this one? She is fucking hot. Well lucky for us this hot young secretary gets this short skirt off and shows us her great body. Take a look as she rips her pantyhose off, untill in the end she is just standing at her desk in her panties. Another fantastic secretary shoot from of of the biggest and best secretary sites on the net.


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September 18th, 2015

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Secretary flashing her stockings, panties and pussy

September 16th, 2015

This glasses wearing secretary applies for a job at an office. But this office is full of perverts and this slutty secretary is desperate for a job. The boss gives her a chance but wants to know if she can do massages too and maybe some extras. Watch as the slutty secretary starts working with her mouth and hands on all three guys in the office and gets fucked by all of them in turn. You see, you should never judge someone by their looks . This secretary might look like a nerd because she is neatly dressed and looks very sensible in her glasses. But this stocking wearing secretary turns out to be a proper whore. Even getting three cocks in her mouth all at the same time. Want to see what three loads of cum looks like over a sluts glasses, well now you can. Enjoy the movie click, if you want to see the full length movie where I got the clip fro, it is on creamed on glasses here.

Hairy Asian teen schoolgirl masturbates in her school uniform

September 14th, 2015

Watch as this hairy pussy Asian teenager wakes up in the morning. She gets out of bed, takes off her night gown and dresses in a school uniform. Which is a tartan skirt, white shirt, tie and a little pair of white socks. Watch her as she rubs her hairy cunt through her little white panties. Then she sits down on the bed again, takes off her panties, spreads her legs wide and plays with her pussy. The real shock here is how hairy this Japanese teen dressed as a schoolgirl pussy is. Fuck me, she hasn’t ever shaved that hairy cunt of hers. But she looks fucking hot, dressed as a schoolgirl, with her hairy pussy spread wide. These school uniforms that these Japanese girls wear are very hot. I love the tartan skirts and the little white panties. Did you know that you can buy panties on the streets in vending machines in Japan? How fucking mad is that. Anyway enjoy the movie. If you want to download the full length movie, check out Hairy Tokyo Teens here.

Hot British amateur Sandy in stockings

September 12th, 2015

Stockings, big boobs, high boots and a uniform. What more can we ask for? Well we could ask for a hot British wife dresses up and with her legs open, playing with her pussy, like in these exclusive pictures taken from the Bedfordshire Blonde’s exclusive personal site. Busty British housewife Sandy loves to dress up, usually in stockings and suspenders, but also this hot slut has a huge range of uniforms to dress up in for us. I would hammer this Busty milf fucking hard and would love my cock in between her big boobs. I bet she would love it as well. Look at her face as she teases the camera, she looks like she would love a cock in her mouth. So what do you think?  I recon hot as fuck. Especially with these boobs and stockings.


Office girl in a pencil skirt and stockings, drops her pink panties

September 10th, 2015

This milf secretary is flashing her pink panties and stocking tops while sitting on her desk. This dirty slutty office babe then strips off to show us all what a great ass she has. Can you imagine coming into work and seeing this slutty secretary spread wide on your desk in these fully fashioned stockings, long pencil skirt and tight white shirt? I could and when this secretary bends over and shows us her perfect round ass and long legs, I would stick my cock right up her ass and then in her mouth. With the “suck my cock” lips, that this secretary has, I know she would love it. Office girls, where these pictures were taken from, features only really hot secretaries and assorted office sluts and is well worth a visit if you like to see a woman in uniform. Like I do. But either way enjoy this very hot secretary milf with her pink panties down buy her nylon covered legs. I will. For more secretaries and secretary sex take a look at the secretary blog secretary sex

Amazing Astrid and her maid in black stockings

September 8th, 2015

Busty mature British housewife, Amazing Astrid loves her maid to dress up in fully fashioned stockings and a traditional real French maid uniform. Amazing Astrid, like us I imagine loves to watch her maid cleaning, while dressed in this uniform, bending over and flashing her stockings and panties to her mistress Astrid. She watches her slutty maid walking up and down in stockings. This milf loves her maid to parade for an inspection in front of her. But Amazing Astrid makes her maid do more than just clean her house. Like in these pictures taken from Astrid’s exclusive site. Astrid has her maid cleaning her stocking covered legs with her tongue and suck the heels on her stiletto shoes until they are clean. This French maid loves it and licks Astrid’s nylon covered legs from the heel right up to the toe. I would be happy to be Astrid’s maid and licking her legs and feet and would be happy to wear any uniform, but especially this maid’s uniform. Watch this maid grovel on the floor as Astrid instructs her.


Sabrina’s personal stockings blog

September 6th, 2015

Stockings fetish model Sabrina has her own  stocking blog. This is a very nice stockings blog if you have a real fetish for stockings, panties and up skirts like Sabrina does. Watch this sexy stockings slut who has a real stockings fetish in loads of her exclusive stockings pictures and videos plus loads of uniforms as well for us uniform lovers, like here where Sabrina is dressed as a maid. All of her exclusive content contains stockings and up skirts, mostly from the model Sabrina herself, but also sometimes from other stockings models and Sabrina’s stocking loving friends. If you have a proper stocking fetish then you must visit her great stocking blog. I have added a gallery from Sabrina’s stockings, where this sexy babe is dressed as a maid. But if you want to see all her great nylon porn visit her free stockings blog here


Do you love real secretaries in their offices making porn?

September 4th, 2015

Off course you do. We all do. If you want to see nothing but secretaries and office porn then you will love this new secretary porn blog, office glamour. It has nothing but the sexiest and naughtiest secretaries in their office. These secretary pictures were taken from office glamour and if you want more slutty secretaries like this take a look at office glamour here

“When we meet in my office I would like you to wear dark suit with short skirt, tight white blouse, black stockings bra and knickers. We could start with a glass of Champagne to loosen our inhibitions if that’s necessary, no doubt I would find it difficult to do anything but look at you, I can imagine your breasts pushing against the tight fabric of your blouse I would slip of your jacket and touch your hair then we would have our first kiss gently at first then I would tentatively put my tongue in your mouth feeling your mouth open and your tongue responding to mine, we would continue like this slowly arousing each other as I unbutton your blouse and remove it, I stand back and admire your body telling you how gorgeous you look you remove your bra and i move back close to you cupping your tits in my hands”


Angel of tease in a red Mandarin uniform while smoking a cigarette

September 2nd, 2015

Angel Of Tease loves to dress up in all sorts of uniforms and clothes and tease us. Angel is the star of her very own exclusive amateur site run by herself, where she really does a very good job to show us that she knows exactly how to tease her men friends. Like in these exclusive pictures taken from Angel’s personal collection. Angel is in this red Mandarin dress. Watch angel strip down to her tanned stockings and red suspender belt, while smoking a cigarette. What could look more sexy than a stunning milf housewife in fully fashioned stockings smoking a cigarette? I can’t think of many things sexier I can tell you. Take a look at the moment where Angel puts her fully fashioned stocking covered toe in her mouth and starts to suck her own toes through her stockings. When Angels stocking covered leg is in her mouth, her very long legs are wide and we can see her shaved wet cunt, which this teasing slut then puts her red long silk opera glove covered finger into. I bet there is a nice sticky mess from this milfs pussy on that silky red glove. Would you like to smell her gloves?  I would, right after I lick her shaved wet cunt and nylon covered legs. I am pretty sure Angel would love that.


Cheerleader fucked in glass by two guys

August 31st, 2015

After cheer-leading practice this sexy blond and very slutty cheerleader goes to see her boyfriend but catches him getting his dick sucked by some slut in the classroom. After this cheerleader has a heated argument with her boyfriend, she tells him that she will get even with him in a big way! Being a filthy fucking slut, you just know what way she is going to get back at her boyfriend. Storming into the first classroom on her way, she stumbles on Mark, a geek that is in awe of this cheerleader’s perfect 34DD boobs, like he does all busty cheerleaders. This cheerleader then decides to make him one of the cool guys by fucking him and her boyfriend in the classroom at the same time!Click here to see more Big Tits at School!

Where are the sexiest women in army uniforms in the world?

August 29th, 2015

Well, we all know why we have women in the army, and it isn’t because they make great soldiers, it is because they are hot. But where are the hottest soldiers? For me it is the North Koreans. They may be as silly as a barrel load of leapers, but fuck me they are hot. I have a selection of videos here for you to decide. At your comments on which nation has the hottest soldiers in uniform. This is the short list.

North Koreans

Slavic girls in military

Turkish Female Military


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