Kelly Dee nurses uniform and red heels plus a stockings date story

I was nearly 30. I’d had plenty of boyfriends. I liked getting fucked. And I liked dressing to please. Sexy lingerie. Panties,stockings. In fact I love it. I love dressing slutty and getting fucked.

I was working in an office all day stuck at a desk. Dressed to please beneath smart work clothes. It just made me horny. I needed cock. I had friends and a social life, but I needed something more.

Dating was all very well, but I’m not really looking for a relationship. More just sex. Lots of sex. So I put up an online ad. Looking for men into stockings. And boy did I get some replies. says it all.

The first guy I met was older. Mid 30s. He was called Chris. It was a bit surreal. I read his reply and he seemed really into stockings. I told him to send me some pictures of what he liked. I got this

I was smiling inside. I could get a good night out of this guy I was sure. We chatted for a day or two. I decided new panties were in order, and opted for these – I could well imagine them getting pulled down over my arse. I was wet just thinking about it.

At work I was distracted. I found myself sucking far too much on my pen. I needed it. I agreed to meet Chris for a drink. I was certainly hoping, expecting something more.

I changed my mind about the panties, and went for a matching set –

I felt so horny as I got ready.I was hoping, expecting this guy to give me what I wanted.

He was already there when I went into the bar. We smiled. He bought me a white wine. I sipped. We made a bit of small talk. I didn’t want to drink much. I didn’t want him drinking much either. I wanted him hard. So I asked him about stockings. He said he liked the feel of them. I concurred. And I asked if he’d like to see mine. Back at my place. We left. He looked like Christmas had come early. I got him home. On my sofa. I didn’t want to mess around. I dropped my jacket. Reached behind, unzipped my skirt and let it fall, stepped out of it as I unbuttoned my silk blouse and straddled him. Rubbing myself against him. I could feel he was already hard.

We kissed. His tongue was strong, I lifted my head, slipped a bra strap and put my nipple to his mouth. He sucked it. I was grinding against him now. I pulled back and tugged at his belt. He obliged and got rid of his jeans. I had left some dampness on them. Hos cock stood hard and up right. He sat back down, I pulled the crotch of my new panties to one side, took him in hand and slid myself down. It was a glorious feeling as he filled me. Big, hard and mine for the night.
I put my elbows on his shoulders and started to ride him. He gripped my arse. Then he was running his hands all over my stockings. We need to move. I stood, but we were far to gone to go to bed. I found myself on my back on the floor, with him going at me like a wild dog. I wrapped my legs around him, caressing him with my stocking covered calves.

I was sodden, Getting close. But so was he. I didn’t want him to cum so soon, I made him stop, I said I wanted to be bent over. He seemed a bit frustrated.but agreed. We got up, I bent over the sofa arm and he entered me from behind. And fucked me mercilessly.

I pinched my clit as he ran his hands over my thighs. Then he gripped my hips. I knew he was there, so rubbed myself furiously. I came so hard. Shouting out YESSS.

And collapsed. He made some comment about seeing me again. But, much as I had enjoyed him, I was already thinking about a 20 year old whose reply I had read. Dan was into stockings too. I smiled as he left, thinking dirty thoughts about a younger man

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