Lucy Zara and her bisexual friend dressed as nurses in stockings


Lucy Zara may have been modeling for more than a decade now. If Lucy Zara hasn’t already come to your focus by now, you may wish to go to Lucy’s unique web site. You can read Lucy’s biography plus see Lucy’s videos as well as pix.

The Lucy  site is like a pair of internet sites in one. When you initially sign in, you wind up at a page where you can browse to Lucy’s  “glamour” area or even the “fetish” content. Lucy Zara’s are generally split up into videos plus photograph sections. However, please note that a lot of the stuff overlaps, that makes counting everything a bit difficult.

It looks as if there’s close to EIGHTY films (some are separated into parts) plus nearly 525 collections of photographs. Even though none of Lucy’s content happens to be dated in the member site, the tour comes with a schedule showing exactly what has been posted lately and based on this it looks like a brand new photo shoot normally will get added once weekly. Fresh films do not come nearly as regularly.

You can not stream their videos, though your are able to download them all. Quality may vary lots, from HIGH DEFINITION types to ones which are only average looking. It looks like most are found in the high-def format in these days.

But, the standard of the photographs is usually fairly constant. Her pics are generally clean & high-res. Given how nice they look, most are worth downloading on your pc, yet presently there are not any Zip’s in order to help the task.

Her material is really rather varied. You could go from looking at Lucy flashing her tight pussy within the  seat in the bmw to looking at Lucy’s getting dressed up as a nurse inside of a medical exam room, to pissing in a bucket. And after that, you can also discover this MILF getting passionate together with a new lady employing a strapon and even  bound as well as gagged. I actually couldn’t notice something down and dirty using guys, though.

Lucy Zara is truly a desirable lady and also her content is perfect. Though I wish this milf didn’t overlap her content within this lady’s two sections and also she implemented a few more beneficial navigational capabilities. Nonetheless, the good exceeds the not so good, so devotees of nylons will want to take a look.